“Teaching reading is rocket science.”
– Louisa Moats


  • Masters in Reading
  • Certified Special education teacher, grades K – 12, Texas
  • Certified Academic Language Therapist
  • Taught teachers how to teach dyslexic students in a district of 40,000 students

Three Most Important Gifts a Teacher Can Give to a Student:

  • Know the 44 Phonemes (sounds)
  • Know the Syllable Types
  • Know the Syllable Division

With this knowledge, a child can read the majority of the English language. There are over 600,00 words in the English language.  They can only memorize so many words, but with the above knowledge they will have the power to LEARN, not memorize, the majority of the English language.

Ask your child’s teacher if they know what they are!

I use a structured, systematic, multisensory, and detailed program. The program is called Basic Language Skills which includes: Scientific Spelling, Multisensory Grammar, Writing, Phonemes, Decoding, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Activities and much more.

This program is 4 days a week (Mon. – Thurs.), 1 hour for each session.  Students who have difficulty learning to read cannot learn to do so if only tutored once or twice a week. Plus ,it could take up to 6 years or longer to complete a program. It is imperative that a student with a reading disability/dyslexia be taught in a systematic, scientifically based program. It cannot be hit or miss.  Otherwise, the student will be left with gaps in their education.  Research shows a student must attend at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. 

This program is ideal for dyslexia, reading disabled and  second language learners .  80% of students with average or above intelligence that are diagnosed as learning disabled are dyslexic. Students who have completed my program have all gone on to take state required tests and performed on-level.

I am available to attend a student’s school to instruct them if it is allowed. Please call to set up an appointment to meet with me.  There is no charge for the initial meeting. 


Elizabeth Hendrix • 347-882-1074 • eahendrixnyc@gmail.com